Cyclone Gas-Fired Pit Furnace

Cyclone Gas-Fired Pit Furnace


Product Details

The gas-fired cyclone pit furnace has been used for tempering, normalizing, solution treatment of aluminum and annealing for many decades. Today, it still sets the standard in the industry for fast heat up rate and temperature uniformity. Cyclone gas-fired pit furnaces are capable of temperatures up to 1400°F. The top loading furnaces have a separate heating/fan chamber that provides heat to the work chamber. The workload is heated by a unique re-circulating convection heating system that forces pressurized air through the work chamber at a high velocity.

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  • Fan motor is easily accessible
  • Maintenance friendly design
  • Temperature Range: up to 1250°F


  • Easy lift cover
  • Gas fired burner
  • High velocity recirculating fan
  • Lightweight ceramic fiber insulation
  • Work chamber isolated from heated chamber


  • Air inlet/exhaust for fume removal, fast cooling, or low temperature operation
  • Retorts available for use with inert atmospheres
  • Various control and recorder options