Manual SL Integral Quench Furnace System

Manual SL Integral Quench Furnace System

Product Details

The Manual SL Integral Quench Furnace System is electrically powered and capable of temperatures up to 2000°F. The SL Integral Quench Furnace System offers a compact footprint and competitive price which gives you the benefit of maximizing your production with quick ROI.

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  • Compact system saves space in crowded work areas
  • Economical cost
  • Energy-efficient system design
  • High temperature range allows for treatment of many tool steel grades
  • Maximum temperature: 2000°F
  • Simple operation


  • 12″ x 24″ x 12″ workspace handles loads to 120 lbs. net
  • Electrically heated
  • Lightweight ceramic block insulation
  • Pre-piped and wired for 230V/2Ph/60Hz service, no pit required
  • Pushbutton operating of doors and elevator
  • Roller rail hearth
  • Small footprint
  • Standard inert atmosphere system using nitrogen or argon


  • Ammonia system for carbon nitriding
  • Carbon control with oxygen probe
  • Companion draw furnace and washer
  • Loading cart
  • Step-down transformer 480V-230V
  • Systems for endothermic atmospheres
  • Various control and recorder options