Integral Quench Furnace System

Integral Quench Furnace System

Product Details

The Lindberg/MPH Integral Quench Furnace System is highly productive and efficient. It is available as either gas-fired or electrically heated. It is the centerpiece of a complete heat-treating system and is ideal for your carburizing process. The Integral Quench Furnace Systems feature obstruction-free work chambers, large capacity recirculation fans, with strategically located heated sources to ensure rapid heat transfer, low energy use, and excellent temperature and carbon control. A size and in-out configuration is available to fit your needs.

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  • Excellent temperature and carbon control for consistent processing
  • Highly productive and efficient system for quick, quality results
  • Temperature Range: 2000°F maximum


  • Air-to-oil quench cooling heat exchanger
  • Emergency nitrogen gas purge circuit
  • Flow meters for endothermic gas, natural gas additions, ammonia gas additions, and air for carbon burnout
  • Front door flame curtain
  • Fully automatic load movement
  • Obstruction-free work chambers
  • Preheat oil quench with immersion heaters, temperature and excess temperature controllers, oil level sight gauge, and level alarm
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Recuperative vertical radiant tubes for gas-fired models
  • SCR power control
  • Temperature and atmosphere carbon potential automatically controlled
  • Variable speed circulation fan and quench agitation


  • Complete system automation
  • Gas-fired or electric models
  • Hot oil quench with additional immersion heaters and insulation in tank shell
  • Upper atmosphere cooling
    • Oil-cooled double walled chamber above quench to cool workload under protective atmosphere
    • Atmosphere cool/oil quench selector switch
    • Upper cooling with or without re-circulating fan to accelerate cool down
  • Various control and recorder options

To watch the Lindberg/MPH Integral Quench Furnace video on YouTube, click here.