Rod Overbend Box Furnace

Rod Overbend Box Furnace

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The Rod Overbend (RO) electric box furnace gives you flexible, efficient performance in a variety of heat treating applications. The fast heating rate, heavy load capability and reliable operation help you achieve fast turnaround and high productivity. The Rod Overbend box furnace is very simple and economical to operate, and is available in a wide range of sizes. RO box applications range up to 2000°F with air, endothermic, exothermic, dissociated ammonia, or inert atmospheres and include: annealing, normalizing and hardening.

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  • Capable from 1200-2000°F operations
  • Fast heating rate
  • Flexible, efficient performance in a variety of heat-treating applications
  • Simple and economical operation


  • Can be used in air and atmosphere applications
  • Pneumatically operated vertical lift door
  • Refractory brick floor and ceramic fiber walls and roof
  • Round cross-section, low-watt density RO heating elements
  • Wide range of model sizes


  • Brick insulation
  • Circulating fan units
  • Exothermic, dissociated ammonia, or nitrogen atmosphere systems
  • Furnace control and monitoring
  • Variable hearth designs available