Polymer Burn Off Box Furnace

Polymer Burn Off Box Furnace

Product Details

Electrically heated front-loading polymer burn-off box furnaces with catalytic oxidizers for vaporizing residual polymer and cleansing the tooling for continued use. Temperature range up to 1250°F.

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Key Specifications

Temperature Range: up to 1250°F


Safety features oxidize toxic exhaust to healthy levels

Easy workload handling, operation, and maintenance

Cooling chamber


  • Simple and cost-effective operation
  • Safety features oxidize toxic exhaust to healthy levels
  • Fast cooling for quick results
  • Easy workload handling, operation, and maintenance
  • Complies with NFPA, NEC, FM, and IRI standards for safe production
  • Uniform heating prevents unwanted outcomes


  • Burn off furnace
  • Cooling chamber
  • Load storage table
  • Unidirectional transfer car
  • Work grids
  • Ceramic fiber block insulation
  • Overbend heating elements
  • Air/ steam injection system with modulation valve
  • Sealed chamber construction


  • Temperature range up to 1250°F


  • Secondary afterburner