Car Bottom Box Furnace

Car Bottom Box Furnace

Product Details

Car bottom furnaces provide the operator with ease of loading and unloading large, or heavy products without damaging the furnace interior. Typical uses for this style of furnace are stress relieving, annealing, normalizing, or steel tempering.

Lindberg/MPH designs and manufactures fuel (gas) fired, electrically heated, and dual-energy car bottom box furnaces for batch processing large parts at temperatures up to 2800°F. These furnaces feature rapid heat-up and cool-down rates. Engineered to the highest quality standards, our car bottom furnaces meet strict temperature uniformity requirements and provide reliable operation. We also offer a wide range of temperature control and full data retrieval systems.

Common Car Bottom Furnace Applications

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  • Economical system 30% more energy efficient than conventional brick-lined car bottom furnaces
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock
  • Innovative and lightweight modular design for easy installation
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Temperature range to 2800°F


  • Electric models utilize Moldatherm insulation with embedded heating elements
  • Gas-fired models utilize wall-mounted gas/air burners
  • Modular construction for easy installation
  • Powered carts with or without raise piers to support workload or base trays


  • Cooling systems
  • Doors can also be attached to the car when overhead space is not available
  • Large recirculating fans
  • Multiple temperature control zones
  • Single or double-door designs with one or multiple cars
  • Specialized controls and data acquisition