Pilot Production Furnace

Pilot Production Furnace

Product Details

The Lindberg/MPH pilot production conveyor furnaces are available in air, inert, or combustible atmosphere models. The compact furnaces utilize ceramic fiber heating/insulation modules and a continuous monitoring over-temperature system. The pilot production furnace is ideal for laboratory and R&D applications validating processes. Temperatures to 1100°C maximum.

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  • Easy maintenance
  • High yields of uniform quality products
  • Maximum energy efficiency and long service life
  • Temperatures to 1100°C maximum


  • Available in air, inert, or combustible atmosphere models
  • Ceramic fiber electric heating/insulation modules
  • Control of belt speed, temperature, and atmosphere
  • Individually replaceable heating units, muffles, and cooling chambers


  • Alloy 600 muffle
  • Binder eductor system
  • Multiple atmospheres (air, N2, H2)
  • Nichrome V belt