Continuous Mesh Belt Brazing Furnace

Continuous Mesh Belt Brazing Furnace

Product Details

The Lindberg/MPH electrically heated brazing furnaces are designed for efficient and economical atmosphere brazing applications at temperatures up to 2100°F (1150°C) maximum. A variety of sizes and belt widths are available.

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  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Greater process flexibility
  • Low initial cost
  • Temperatures up to 2100°F (1150°C) maximum


  • Copper-wrapped stainless steel cooling chambers
  • Lightweight frame and removable sheet metal panels
  • Molded ceramic fiber insulation
  • Pre-wired and plumbed
  • Solid state, closed-loop belt drive control with digital speed indicator
  • Welded gas-tight alloy muffle


  • Alloy 600 muffle
  • Atmosphere tight heat chamber construction replacing muffle
  • Flame curtains in place of nitrogen purge chamber
  • Furnace control and monitoring
  • Load/unload table extension
  • Multiple atmospheres (air, N2, or H2)
  • Nichrome V belt