Shaker Hearth Furnace

Shaker Hearth Furnace

Product Details

Lindberg/MPH electrically heated shaker hearth furnaces with quench tanks for processes such as hardening, carburizing of small fasteners, springs, and a variety of small, thin parts up to a maximum temperature of 1900°F (1038°C).

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  • Fully Adjustable – complete control of time and temperature is easily obtained
  • Low Power Cost – no heat is wasted re-heating trays or conveyor belts; only work is heated
  • Production Design – rugged construction is used throughout to ensure trouble-free service
  • Uniform Results – automatic operation, uniform temperature and optional quench controls ensure identical heat treatment of each piece


  • Alloy welded muffle
  • Alloy quench chute with powered exhaust and quenchant curtain
  • Lightweight molded ceramic fiber insulation with embedded resistance heating elements
  • Pre-wired free-standing control enclosure with interlocking fused disconnect


  • Furnace control and monitoring
  • HYEN® Endothermic atmosphere generator
  • HYEX® Exothermic atmosphere generator
  • Oil and water quench tanks with three baskets (optional “conveyorized” quench tank)