HYEX® Exothermic Gas Generator

HYEX® Exothermic Gas Generator

Product Details

Lindberg/MPH’s HYEX® gas-fired exothermic generators provide a low cost protective process atmosphere that consists of products of combustion. Air/gas ratios can be varied to create a lean, non combustible atmosphere or a rich, combustible reducing atmosphere. Exothermic gas generators provide years of trouble-free operation. Sizes available from 500 to 8,000 SCFH.

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  • Energy efficient and reliable design
  • Varying air/gas ratios create atmospheres specific to your process


  • Castable insulation
  • Completely assembled unit on one base
  • Water-jacketed chiller


  • Gas absorption dryer
  • Refrigeration dryer
  • Sizes available from 500 to 8,000 SCFH
  • Various control and recorder options