Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS)

As the leading experts of all types of heat treating, non-ferrous, and hot stamping furnaces, Lindberg/MPH has the capabilities and equipment to perform temperature uniformity surveys in accordance with a variety of customer-specific pyrometry standards, including aerospace industry standard (AMS 2750 E) and automotive industry continuous quality improvement (CQI-9) standard. The purpose of this survey is to determine the range of temperatures within various locations in the furnace.

Not only can Lindberg/MPH certify that your furnace meets specifications, but we can also help assess, repair and adjust your equipment should it not pass the survey. Our highly-trained technicians attend classes yearly in order to help our customers achieve the exacting temperature uniformity they need. We can even provide calibration services prior to our survey.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a comprehensive report of our survey findings, as well as our recommendations for preventative maintenance and enhanced performance.
Whether you have a new Lindberg/MPH furnace, an older model or an entirely different brand of furnace, we can perform a comprehensive temperature uniformity survey and optimize your production to meet the desired standards.

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