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Lindberg/MPH furnace replacement parts are provided for customers across the globe with all types and makes of heat treating and non-ferrous furnaces with a comprehensive range of aftermarket services as well. As a manufacturer who has been around for over a century, we have the expertise and extensive archive of resources to solve any problem.

Whether you need custom Lindberg/MPH furnace replacement parts for an old or discontinued furnace, need to upgrae your equiment to meet industry standards or need to relocate your furnace, we can do it all. We can even recommend upgrades and maintenance tips that will increase efficiency and get you the maximum return on your investment.

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With over a century of expertise in the heat treating and non-ferrous melting industries, Lindberg/MPH has the extensive records to supply both standard and custom furnace parts and components.
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Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS)

As the leading experts of all types of heat treating, non-ferrous, and hot stamping furnaces, Lindberg/MPH has the capabilities and equipment to perform temperature uniformity surveys in accordance with a variety of customer-specific pyrometry standards, including aerospace industry standard (AMS 2750 E) and automotive industry continuous quality improvement (CQI-9) standard.
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Preventative Maintenance

Lindberg/MPH creates a customized preventive maintenance program for customers according to their specific furnace model and application.  Because we’re a manufacturer, we don’t approach each furnace with the same set of generic tests and procedures.
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We’re proud to share our in-depth understanding of heat processing equipment and heat treating with our customers. That’s why we provide completely customized training for both heat treating and non-ferrous melting furnaces based on your needs and your unique equipment.
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Turn-Key Installation & Commissioning

Lindberg/MPH has all the know-how and tools to provide complete turnkey installation and commissioning of your next industrial furnace. Not only does this make billing less complicated, but it also ensures better quality control.
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At Lindberg/MPH, we stand by the quality and dependability of all of our equipment. We are proud to offer 1-year warranty on new equipment purchases.
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