May 24, 2022

Lindberg/MPH Ships One Gas-Fired Cyclone Pit Furnace to the Manufacturing Industry

Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of one gas-fired cyclone pit furnace to the manufacturing industry.

This furnace has a maximum operating temperature of 1400°F and a gross load capacity of 2,750 lbs.

The medium velocity burner and combustion train is estimated at 355,000 BTU/Hr. The load space of this pit furnace is 25” inches in diameter and 36” inches high.

The outer shell is constructed of industrial steel and has an alloy liner backed up with insulating brick as well as block insulation.

Included with this furnace are a set of type “K” thermocouples and it is completely factory assembled, pre-wired, and pre-piped prior to shipment.

“This furnace is an identical duplicate of a unit this customer previously purchased. They trust Lindberg/MPH to provide equipment and solutions and to do so with exacting standards.”

- Bill St. Thomas, Business Development Manager

Unique features of this pit furnace include:

  • Manual cover lid lift

  • Control panel with temperature and excess temperature control

  • Lid limit switch

  • 1-Year warranty





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