May 27, 2021

Lindberg/MPH Ships One Electrically Heated Spray Washer to the Defense Industry

Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of one electrically heated spray washer to the defense industry. This spray washer is designed as a companion to a heat-treating process, washing the parts prior to and/or after heat treating.

The chamber within is designed to accept a standard load with dimensions of 30” wide by 48” deep by 30” high including a clearance for loading the baskets or fixtures. The maximum operating temperature is 185°F and the normal operating temperature is 160°F.

The spray chamber/solution tank shell is manufactured from 7-gauge 304 stainless steel and welded watertight. The spray chamber has multiple wide range, full cone spray nozzles located above and on both sides of the workspace area to provide a faster and more thorough cleaning of the entire load.

“This spray washer is similar to a Lindberg/MPH unit already installed at their facility. We made sure that this washer would integrate seamlessly into their heat treat process. This spray washer features modern control systems, including a Eurotherm temperature controller and a magnetic contactor.”

- Bill St. Thomas, Business Development Manager

Unique features of this spray washer include:

  • Re-circulation pump with a 7-1/2 HP motor

  • 450 GPM flow

  • Gravity roller deck

  • Pneumatically operated vertical lift door plate

  • 550-gallon capacity solution tank

  • Removable and washable wire screen type filter

  • Weir type skimmer box

  • Surface mounted blow-off pipe

  • Pre-wired control enclosure




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