May 19, 2021

1100°C Large Chamber Utility Box Furnace Available for Immediate Shipment

Lindberg/MPH has an 1100°C large Chamber utility box furnace in stock that is available for immediate shipment. The utility box furnace provides flexible, efficient performance in a variety of heat-treating applications. The insulation and heating elements maintain uniform heat distribution and a vertical lift door provides easy access.

  • Model Number: 52561VLD
  • Job Number: 232145
Equipment Specifications
  • Max Temp: 1100°C
  • Chamber Dimensions: 24" W x 36" D x 18" H
  • Voltage: 240V 3Ph 60 Hz
  • KW: 20KW
Furnace Features
  • Vacuum formed ceramic fiber insulation with low heat loss for operating economy and minimum heat storage for rapid heat up and control response
  • Double steel shell construction assures a low temperature outer surface
  • Refractory hearth plate
  • Heated by retained alloy resistor elements
  • Air cylinder operated, vertical lift door limit switch for power cutoff when door is open
Control Features
  • Pre-wired, side mounted, forced air cooled control console
  • Eurotherm Nanodac programmable temperature controller with digital chart recorder
  • Multiple outputs, along with Ethernet (Modbus TCP slave) communications
  • SSR solid state power control module
  • Excess temperature controller
  • Dual thermocouple assembly
  • Power circuit breaker
  • Control Panel is included
  • Manufactured Date: September 2020
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