Lindberg/Blue M™ Tube Furnaces

Lindberg/Blue M tube furnaces feature an energy-efficient design, at an economical price. Thermally efficient insulation provides exceptional energy efficiency, and fast heat-up and recovery rates. This unique furnace design incorporates venting and insulating air spaces to provide a cool furnace exterior during furnace operation. Built for maximum versatility, these single and three-zone tube furnaces are bored to accept multiple sized process tubes when used with an optional tube adapter kit. Units are available with a range of temperatures starting at 1100°C up to 1500°C.

Tube Furnace Applications

Annealing ∙ Ashing ∙ Carbon Firing ∙ Ceramic Firing ∙ Drying ∙ Hardening ∙ Sintering ∙ Normalizing ∙ Solution Treating ∙ Stress Relieving

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