Box Furnaces

Lindberg/Blue M box furnaces are designed for use where rapid heat-up and response, dense load capability, and process repeatability are important. These furnaces feature a unique internal construction and outer shell design which reduces external surface temperatures. Units are available with a range of temperatures starting at 1100°C up to 1800°C.

Temperature control console incorporates self-tuning instrumentation which automatically provides the best PID settings for the thermal process. A ramp-to-setpoint feature allows programmable heat-up to setpoint temperature. Front panel configuration of thermocouple input, instrument temperature range and other control parameters makes unit suitable for other heating equipment within amperage range. The controls also feature simultaneous display of chamber and setpoint temperatures.

Box Furnace Applications

Annealing ∙ Ashing ∙ Carbon Firing ∙ Ceramic Firing ∙ Hardening ∙ Sintering ∙ Solution Treating ∙ Stress Relieving ∙ Normalizing

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