Laboratory Industrial Furnaces

Industrial furnaces are used in research and laboratory facilities and serve a vital role in the testing of new products and materials prior to being brought to market. Lindberg/MPH offers a light industrial furnace line that is ideal for testing facilities and laboratories. These light industrial furnaces are designed with a sleek exterior and compact footprint so they are a perfect fit for a lab environment. Stackable and modular units give even more flexibility to laboratories when working with limited facility space. Industrial lab furnaces are used for a variety of applications including but not limited to annealing, aging, carbon firing, ceramic firing, hardening, sintering, brazing, preheating, solution treating, and stress relieving. Lindberg/MPH will work closely with you to provide the exact furnace you need to match the strict industry requirements for your laboratory.

Light Industrial & Lab

Lindberg/Blue designs and manufactures a variety light industrial furnaces that feature energy efficient and space saving designs with several modular and stackable units available.
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