Non-Ferrous Melting & Holding Equipment

Lindberg/MPH Ships Steam Atmosphere Pit Furnace to a Tooling Manufacturer

Lindberg/MPH, a leading manufacturer of heat treat furnaces and nonferrous melting and holding equipment, announced the shipment of an electrically heated, steam atmosphere pit furnace for steam treating parts. Manufacturers use the steam treating process to create a uniform blue-black finish on the surface of parts which improves wear and corrosion resistance.

This steam treating furnace has a maximum temperature rating of 1,250°F and work chamber dimensions of 22″ diameter x 36″ depth. The furnace has a maximum gross workload of 1,200 lbs and is designed for a pit type installation if required. The custom lid assembly utilizes a pneumatically operated boom lift with electric swing. The lift is connected to the control system so when opened both the heat and atmosphere are shut off.

The pit furnace is insulated with vacuum formed ceramic fiber modules that allow for rapid heat up rates and fast control response. A circulation fan distributes heat evenly throughout the chamber which ensures rapid and uniform heat transfer throughout the product load. The furnace temperature is controlled by a Eurotherm programmable controller with advanced PID control. A Eurotherm excess temperature controller provides overtemperature protection and disconnects the power to the heating elements in the event that temperature exceeds the desired set-point.

“This steam atmosphere pit furnace has the sufficient capacity to process a workload of 1,200 lbs. This furnace was also designed with a custom powered lid for ease of loading.”

-Kelley Shreve, Application Engineering Manager

Unique features of this Lindberg/MPH electric pit furnace include:

  • Pneumatically operated lid with powered swing feature for ease of loading
  • Vacuum formed ceramic fiber modules with low heat storage for rapid heat up rates
  • Atmosphere tight retort to maintain the steam atmosphere
  • Heater coils designed with low surface watt density for extended service life
  • Programmable temperature controller with adjustable alarm set-point
  • High limit controller to prevent temperature from exceeding set-point


Lindberg/MPH Supplies Melting Furnace to Automotive Industry

LindbergMPH, located in Riverside, MI, announced today they will be supplying a 120,000 lb. reverberatory melting furnace to a large automotive casting supplier. This will be an addition to the customer’s existing casting line which includes LindbergMPH immersion holding equipment. Lindberg/MPH is a leading manufacturer of melting and holding furnaces for non-ferrous alloys.

Lindberg/MPH Ships Energy Efficient Stack-Type Aluminum Melting and Holding Furnace

stack melter Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of a gas fired aluminum stack melting and holding furnace to a manufacturer of recreational vehicles. The equipment provides additional melting capacity and efficiency for a new die casting machine installation. This furnace is an integral part of a fully automated cell.

Estimated melt rate is 1500 lbs. per hour. This furnace features a gondola system that weighs each load and automatically lifts and dumps the material down the stack for melting. The melt zone consists of a sloped charging stack which helps to minimize impact damage from ingots. The two doors on adjacent sides allow for easy access to the furnace melting chamber for cleaning. The laser charge stack level control monitors material level in the stack for maximum efficiency. A laser safety metal level control shuts down the melting zone if the metal overfills the holding chamber.

“The customer requested a furnace integrated within a fully automated casting cell that is energy efficient with state of the art process control. For that reason, this furnace is equipped with an advanced process controller which provides temperature control, charging control, data logging and alarm history.” -Andrew Paul, Sales Engineer

Unique features of this Lindberg/MPH aluminum stack melting and holding furnace include:

  • Rugged steel plate furnace construction
  • Impact resistant castable lining
  • Two side access cleaning doors
  • Integrated programmable logic process controller
  • Laser charge stack level control
  • Hydraulically actuated cover
  • Discharge Well
  • Automated lift and charge mechanism with load cell
  • Advanced process controller


Lindberg/MPH Ships Immersion Lead Melting Furnace to a Manufacturer of Automotive Batteries

lead melting furnaceLindberg/MPH announced the shipment of a gas-fired immersion lead melting furnace to a repeat customer in the battery industry. The melting and holding furnace will be used in the production of lead plates for automotive batteries.

The melting furnace is designed with nine immersion tubes, each with its own burner, boasting over 28,000 square inches of heat transfer area. This immersion furnace design provides efficient heating of the metal without super heating which prevents metal losses.

The maximum temperature rating of this melting furnace is 900°F. The furnace has a melt rate of 21,000 lbs. per hour, a holding capacity of 121,000 lbs. of molten lead and a maximum input of 3,000,000 Btu/hour. The bath features an extra-long 22” bath extension with an 18” wide front well. This tube furnace design is CE certified for use on 380/3/50 current for the end user.

“At Lindberg/MPH we work with our customers to offer the most effective and efficient solution to their application. This tube furnace uses immersion heat which allows for efficient and economical melting and holding of the lead along with the precise temperature control that is required for the customer’s casting process.”– Andrew Paul, Sales Representative

Unique features of this Lindberg/MPH immersion tube furnaces include:

  • Individually operable spark ignited burners with flame rod flame safety
  • Each burner has its own gas/air ration regulator assuring the correct air and gas mixture for dependable ignition and efficient combustion
  • On-off firing allows for a wide input range virtually eliminating temperature creep
  • The sow cradle protects the immersion tubes from possible damage from charging of large and heavy lead hogs
  • Optional well extensions
  • The hog ramp feeding onto the sow cradle allows for automatic loading of lead hogs and gently slides the pigs into the bath
  • The extended well at the front of the furnace was designed into the furnace specifically to provide the necessary space for the customer’s casting process equipment
  • Forced air cooling of the rear splash shield support and the front tube hold down structure eliminates heat distortion of the support structural.

This immersion tube furnace was completely factory assembled, pre-wired, piped and tested prior to shipment. #226238

Lindberg/MPH Ships Aluminum Melting and Holding Equipment to Die Casting Industry

melting furnaceLindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an aluminum central melting furnace to the die casting industry. This equipment holds 62,000 lbs. of aluminum and has a melt rate of 6,000 lbs. per hour.

The furnace is loaded with aluminum ingot, and sows across a preheat hearth and returns are fed via conveyor system into an exterior side well that is interconnected to a circulation well equipped with a pump. The aluminum on the hearth receives tremendous preheat before being pushed into the bath which increases efficiency and improves safety.

The melting furnace is capable of delivering molten aluminum to a transfer ladle through the use of a pneumatic well in which there are no moving parts. Air pressure is applied to the pumper by means of a blower and molten aluminum is forced up a special discharge tube and into a transfer ladle.

The metal temperature is controlled through digital temperature controllers and features automatic preheat and dry out. The flue gases are controlled with a mechanical flue damper reducing flue losses during low-fire operation. A three-point laser metal level sensor is provided to notify operators of the current furnace metal level through an attached light tree. A totalizing gas meter was also included to accurately measure gas usage. Access grating and ladder are provided for safe access to the roof mounted equipment during maintenance.

“Operator safety was a top priority for our customer. This equipment features options for added safety during the loading and dispensing processes.” Andrew Paul, Sales Engineer

Unique features of this Lindberg/MPH furnace include:

  • Rugged fully welded steel plate furnace construction
  • High alumina castable lining for long refractory life backed with insulating board for efficiency
  • Two charge doors located at either end of equipment for easy access during charging and cleaning
  • Flue damper for energy saving during low-fire operation
  • Work and drain taps
  • Stand-alone control panel
  • Temperature controllers with automatic preheat and dry out functions
  • Three-point laser metal level sensor with light tree level indication
  • Totalizing gas mater to accurately measure gas usage
  • Start-up and installation services


Lindberg/MPH Ships Tilting Melting Furnace To Aluminum Die Caster

Tilting furnaceLindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an aluminum central melting, tilting reverberatory furnace to an die cast supplier of the transportation, industrial, and leisure markets. The melting furnace will be used to melt aluminum used in the die cast process.

The maximum recommended metal temperature for this tilting furnace is 1,500°F. The furnace is loaded with aluminum ingot, T-bars, and scrap which are then melted with natural gas fired burners and held for pouring. The furnace is mounted on a cradle to tilt and pour the molten aluminum through an insulated trough. The aluminum melt rate is 2,000 lbs per hour.

This furnace will be capable of delivering molten aluminum to a transfer trough without needing auxiliary pumping equipment. Metal and chamber temperature is controlled through digital temperature controllers that have Ethernet capability to connect to customer’s network. Flue gases and internal temperature are controlled with a modulating flue damper. A service technician provided by Lindberg/MPH will perform supervision during the melting furnace installation and perform start-up training.

Unique features of this Lindberg/MPH furnace include:

  • Rugged steel plate furnace construction
  • High alumina castable lining
  • Hydraulic tilting cradle assembly
  • Two charge doors located on opposites side of equipment
  • Flue damper
  • Insulated molten metal transfer trough
  • Work and drain taps
  • Stand alone control panel
  • Temperature controllers with network capabilities


Aluminum Launder System To a Leader in the Die Casting Industry

Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an 85’ long electric resistance heated aluminum launder system to a leader in aluminum die casting. This launder system will be connecting the customer’s existing gas fired aluminum melting furnace to three (3) new electric resistance aluminum holding furnaces located at their three diecast machines.

The launder eliminates equipment and manpower costs, as well as the inherent dangers, associated with transferring molten aluminum from the melting furnace to the three holding furnaces with fork lifts and transfer ladles. The launder also keeps the molten aluminum at a set point temperature until it reaches the holding furnaces which means there is no temperature lost during transfer.

Overall, this system saves energy by eliminating two (2) pours. One (1) from the melting furnace to the transfer ladle and another from the transfer ladle to the holding furnace. It eliminates the oxides and the resulting hard spots that form each time the molten aluminum is disturbed making it very efficient for the customer.

“We work with our customers to find solutions that will create easy work flow and maximize efficiencies. This system was able to provide our customer with these benefits along with improved safety for their workers.” –Andrew Paul, Sales Engineer

Unique features of this aluminum launder system include:

  • Air cylinder operated launder and holding furnace heating lids for ease of access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Highly insulated calcium silicate board linings that are naturally non-wetting to aluminum saves energy and makes cleaning a breeze.
  • A working tap encased in a bolt-on end cap on the launder allows for tapping metal for remote holding furnaces not attached to the new launder system.

This electric resistance heated aluminum launder system is factory tested and adjusted prior to shipment to help reduce installation and start-up times.

Aluminum Immersion Holding Furnace for Leading Automotive Supplier

aluminum holding furnaceLindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an electric immersion aluminum holding furnace for a leader in the automotive parts industry to maintain aluminum at the required temperature for die casting. The aluminum holding capacity of the furnace is 2400 lbs.

This industrial furnace utilizes Lindberg/MPH patented board lining and high efficiency immersion tubes/heaters. Dual air-over-oil lifting tanks ensure smooth opening and closing of the fill well cover. A cast fill well was added to the furnace shell using a castable virtually inert to aluminum. A pneumatically lifted, insulated center chamber cover saves energy and a multi-colored stack light indicates molten metal level. A safety disconnect switch to de-energize power to the heating elements was also included.

“At Lindberg/MPH many of our customers have been working with us for several years. The quality of our equipment and customer service keeps customers coming back to us again and again.” Andrew Paul, Sales Representative

Unique features of this aluminum holding furnace include:

  • Rugged steel plate furnace construction
  • Lindberg/MPH patented board lining
  • Castable inert to aluminum
  • Immersion heating elements and Sailon protection tubes
  • Air-over-oil pneumatic fill well cover
  • Pneumatic center chamber cover
  • Multicolored stack indicating light
  • Drain Tap
  • Safety Disconnect


Aluminum Melting and Holding Furnace for Leading Outdoor Equipment Manufacturer


Melting furnace

Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of a gas fired, aluminum melting and holding furnace for a leader in the lawn and garden industry.

The furnace has a holding capacity of 13,700 lbs and a melting rate of 1,500 lbs/hr. The industrial furnace shell is ruggedly reinforced with steel members to form boxed sections sufficient for a die casting facility environment. The aluminum holding and melting furnace includes a hot face castable around the belly band that is microporous and inert to aluminum oxide formation. A preheat hearth with a full width door is included for loading ingot and the opposite side of the furnace includes a clamshell door for loading scrap. Both doors are powered by air cylinders through a manual hand valve for ease of use. The furnace includes a dip well on each side to provide molten aluminum to two die casting machines. The furnace temperature controller has the ability to automatically preheat and dry out the furnace lining. The controller will indicate when dry out is complete and hold until the operator is ready to switch to normal operation.

“At Lindberg/MPH we work with our customers to provide solutions that create a more efficient manufacturing process and maximize customer profitability. Energy efficiency and ease of maintenance underlie all our efforts.” Andrew Paul, Sales Representative

Unique features of this furnace include:

  • Rugged steel plate furnace construction
  • Belly band lining inert to aluminum oxide formation
  • Roof mounted nozzle-mix radiant burner
  • Two full width doors
  • Two dip wells
  • Pneumatic flue damper mechanism
  • Drain tap
  • Two dip well covers
  • UL listed control panel
  • Ladder and access grating to service roof mounted components