Work of Champions

The Work of Champions program is an initiative here at Lindberg/MPH to recognize and reward the performance of employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. Whether they are working overtime to take care of a customer, saving the company money by producing quality work in remarkable time, getting letters of praise from customers or making suggestions that will benefit customers, employees or the company at large, we feel it's imperative that those efforts be recognized.

We encourage our employees to play like champions every day, to give everything they do 110%, and appreciate the importance of our customers. And the best thing about the Work of Champions program? Our employees give us plenty of opportunities to celebrate.

June 2018 Champion

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Pictured: Jeff Y. and Steve Kempowski

March 2018 Champion

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Pictured: Matt D. with Steve Kempowski

September 2017

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Pictured: Jeff N., Steve K., Debbie B.

April 2017 Champion

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Tim P. and Steve (President)

March 2017 Champion

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Pictured (From left to right): Vethsack V., Leslie D., Steve (President), and Eric K.

February 2017 Champion

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From left to right: Willie, Steve (President), Josh

January 2017 Champion

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From left to right: Steve (President), Neil Robinson

December 2016 Champions

Champions Dec 2016

From left to right: Tim, Steve (President), Debbie (not pictured: Allen)

September 2016 Champion

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Pictured: Jack