The Use of Laboratory Furnaces in the Healthcare Industry

LMPH lab furnaces in healthcare

Furnaces are used across all industries for a multitude of processes. The healthcare industry is no exception. There are a variety of light industrial furnaces used in laboratories including box, tube, and crucible models. These furnaces are used for a range of applications from drying microscope slides to testing the stability of products at different temperatures or environmental stresses, such as changes in temperature, light, and humidity. Below are 3 other common applications lab furnaces are used for in the healthcare sector.

Annealing Equipment

Annealing is a heat treatment process that increases ductility and reduces hardness of glass and metals. This process reduces internal stresses and results in a more durable product. There are several pieces of healthcare equipment, such as syringes and catheters, that require annealing before use to ensure they do not fail under pressure.

Sterilizing Lab Equipment, Glassware, and Biohazard Waste

Laboratory workers deal with a plethora of biological pathogens and chemical compounds every day. To limit cross contamination of these compounds, lab equipment and glassware must be sterilized. A lab furnace may be used to heat equipment and tools to 160°C for sterilization. This sterilization process eliminates bacteria, viruses, or other hazards that could cause cross contamination. Laboratory furnaces are also used to sterilize biohazard waste, dissecting instruments, or media/reagents for aseptic assays.

Curing Adhesives

Adhesives are used in the production of medical devices and equipment, such as catheters, IV kits, endoscopes, and imaging equipment, along with many other handheld medical devices. Light industrial furnaces are used to cure adhesives which hardens the chemical composition of the adhesive to the product and increases its longevity.

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