More Than Just a Bit: Carburization in the Oil Industry

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Americans use about 391.73 million gallons of gas every day. We use gas to power cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, end loaders, compressors, lawn mowers, and countless other machines. This gas comes from crude oil extracted from oil wells in the United States and all over the world. Drilling the oil is only the first step in the long process bringing gas to the millions of machines that use it.

About Carburization

Carburizing, also known as case hardening, is a heat-treating process that adds carbon to the surface of a metal component. When heated, iron and steel readily absorb carbon. Carburization involves heating iron and steel in the presence of carbon monoxide, charcoal or other material containing carbon. The added carbon hardens the surface of the original component without altering the hardness of the rest of the piece. The oil industry uses carburized components to make strong drill bits that stand up to the rigors of oil drilling.

The oil industry also uses carburized components in several other machines. Powerful pumps bring the crude oil to the surface, oil tankers and pipelines transport the crude oil to refineries and trucks transport the refined fuel to gas stations. At each step along the way, carburized components keep fuel flowing efficiently towards your vehicle.

Carburization of Gears, Bearings and Other Components in Oil Machinery

The oil rigs, trucks, and other movable machinery involved in oil production contain thousands of components, including gears and bearings. To withstand the rigors of heavy workloads and harsh conditions of oil production, these parts must undergo heat treating processes such as hardening, tempering, nitriding, and carburizing. Processing the components in this way improves the overall quality and strength of the moveable machinery, which ultimately improves the quality of the fuel and reduces the cost of gas at the pump.

Oil industry professionals rely on the industrial furnaces and non-ferrous melting equipment from Lindberg/MPH to manufacture movable machinery commonly used in the oil industry. The industrial furnaces help those in the oil industry create strong, durable components used in moveable machinery.

Lindberg/MPH is a leading manufacturer of industrial heat treating furnaces, with 75,000 industrial furnace installations worldwide, including numerous installations serving the moveable machinery industry. Parts manufacturers in and out of the oil industry use Lindberg/MPH custom and standard industrial heat treat furnaces to carburize a wide variety of components. If you enjoyed this information be sure to follow Lindberg/MPH on both Facebook and LinkedIn!