LMPH Year in Review 2019

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During 2019 our team at Lindberg/MPH shipped heat treat furnaces and non-ferrous melting and holding equipment to customers in a wide range of industries. In addition to fulfilling equipment orders this past year, the employees of the Lindberg/MPH also participated in a number of company and community events.

Heat Treating Solutions

In the past year, Lindberg/MPH has provided heat treat solutions for a variety of applications from preheating to hot stamping, annealing to sintering, and more.

Earlier in the year an Electrically Heated Four Chamber Hot Stamping Furnace was shipped to Gestamp Research and Development facility. This furnace features one low heat chamber and a stack of three high heat chambers. You can see the hot stamping furnace integration with a hydraulic press and robotic transfer system in this video.

Another hot stamping furnace was shipped to a company in Michigan. This three-chamber stacked design creates a significantly smaller footprint than does a continuous system. The three chambers allow for the simultaneous preheating of multiple blanks, a feature that reduces cycle times. A video of the installed furnace shows the furnace with a hydraulic press and robotic transfer system.

A Single-Zone Tube Furnace for an engineering company in the nuclear power industry may be used in a number of applications, including annealing, drying, ceramic firing, carbon firing, ashing, hardening, solution treating, sintering, stress relieving, and normalizing. A Lindberg/MPH 1100°C Crucible Furnace and a 1200°C Crucible Furnace were shipped to research and development laboratories also in the nuclear industry for use in laboratory melting applications.

Melting and Holding Solutions

Lindberg/MPH supplied non-ferrous melting and holding solutions throughout the year to manufacturers in the smelting, automotive industry, and die casting industries to name a few.

Lindberg/MPH shipped an Aluminum Stack Melting and Holding Furnace to a secondary smelting operation for producing aluminum ingot and sows. A Melting Furnace was delivered to a large automotive casting supplier and another Aluminum Melting and Holding furnace which will be used in the production of aluminum powder.

…And We had Fun Too

While we worked hard, Lindberg/MPH made time for fun and community service this year. Several Lindberg/MPH employees made a splash at the United Way Rock the Boat Race in July and joined the United Way of Southwest Michigan’s Rake a Difference Day, where they raked leaves for senior citizens. Lindberg/MPH management held a BBQ cookout in January and a Chili Cook Off in February along with a company picnic in August.

Our commitment to creating a productive and inviting workplace is very important to us and we were deeply honored to have been named one of 20 Best Places to Work in Southwest Michigan. Lindberg/MPH has been in business for over 100 years, and during that time we have maintained our core mission to offer products that are the best in the industry. We look forward to making 2020 our best year yet.