LMPH Celebrates Four Years with No Lost Time Injuries!

Something that everyone in manufacturing can agree upon is the importance of safety. Because of this, there are governmental agencies in place who are charged with formulating laws and regulations that are designed to protect nearly all employees within the United States. It also speaks loudly of the character and integrity of an employer if they are able to pass their inspections by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA: A Serious Supporter of Employee Safety

OSHA is an agency that is charged with a tremendously broad and important job -- and it is a task that they take very seriously. The numbers presented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2003 indicate that workplace incidents that result in worker injury are hardly uncommon. In fact, during that year alone, private industries reported a staggering number of non-fatal injuries -- 4.4 million, according to agency reports.

Lindberg/MPH: Proud to be a Safe Workplace

At Lindberg/MPH, we take workplace safety very seriously. Our proactive approach ensures that each of our employees is able to work in a safe environment that allows them to thrive. We have a Safety Committee that is responsible for reviewing inspection forms, and tracking each employees’ progress in doing everything they can to create a safe environment.  Performing routine safety audits by the committee as other employees carry out their job duties is one way we carry out that objective. Doing so allows us to remind workers of any actions that could potentially lead to an accident.

Following up with the results gleaned from these unobtrusive observations ensures that all safety rules are followed. Management and employees at Lindberg/MPH work seamlessly and diligently together to notice, address, and follow up on any areas that could potentially cause harm. It is this approach that has helped Lindberg/MPH achieve four years of no lost time injuries! This is a statistic that we are particularly proud of because it demonstrates our employees’ constant commitment to safety in the workplace every year. Lindberg/MPH strongly believes that safety is a top priority and we want every member of our team to go home safe at the end of the work day, every day.