Lindberg/MPH – In your everyday life

This year at Lindberg/MPH, we want to showcase the many ways that our products effect your everyday life. From medical devices that need to be heat tested to automobile parts that are cast to aircraft components that need stress relieving, you’ll be surprised by the number of everyday items that require an industrial furnace or non-ferrous melting and holding piece of equipment.

At Lindberg/MPH we supply furnaces for not only heat treating of a metal part but also for the melting and holding of that metal prior to being cast. These products serve a variety of industries including ones you would easily guess like Aerospace and Automotive. They also serve industries you may not have thought of such as, Sports Entertainment, Culinary, and Landscaping. In the upcoming months, we will be walking you through several products that are processed in equipment supplied by Lindberg/MPH.

This series will teach you about the different processes our equipment is used for and give you a deeper look at the industries we serve. Make sure to check back every month to learn more!