Lindberg/MPH Gains West Coast Manufacturing Capabilities

Lindberg/MPH now has manufacturing capabilities on the West Coast, and we are excited to share the news! With a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Brea, CA outfitted with the latest manufacturing technologies, we will be able to manufacture and deliver our furnaces to our West Coast customers more competitively.

What Does this Mean for Customers on the West Coast?

Lower Freight Costs and Quicker Delivery- In the past, based on our Midwest location, customers on the West Coast had to deal with high shipping costs and long shipping times. With the new facility, our west coast customers can benefit from lower freight costs and quicker delivery times. 

Reduced Service Costs-Travel expenses to get to the West Coast for equipment repairs have typically been high in the past. With the new location our west coast customers will benefit from lower travel costs for repair work because of our dedicated service staff in the area. 

Expedited Service Calls- Equipment downtime costs our customers money and by having a local service team we are able to get personnel there quickly and reduce downtime.

Local Sales Support- Our local sales staff will work with our West Coast customers on order details, coordinate onsite visits, and order follow-up. Customers in the area will be able to easily schedule onsite visits to view our equipment and capabilities.

We are looking forward to working with the West Coast market to serve those customers in the area more efficiently and effectively.  Our new facility will make it possible for us to provide our West Coast customers with the same one-on-one service that our Midwest customers have enjoyed for some time now.