Lindberg/MPH Focuses on Energy Efficiency Year-Round

Natural resources are in finite supply, and resource conservation is essential in order to ensure the health of the planet. Through the preservation of natural resources, humans can promote sustainability and ensure future generations have the same access to resources as today’s generation. The process of improving sustainability relies on minimizing consumption, conserving resources, and utilizing renewable energy sources as much as possible.

The Importance of Eco-Friendly Business Practices

Companies have a responsibility to sustainability, considering businesses comprise a considerable amount of fossil fuel consumption worldwide. There are countless ways that businesses can reduce their environmental impact. By creating products that emphasize efficiency, installing energy-conserving renovations to their building design, and operating facilities using energy-efficient technology, companies can drastically reduce their carbon footprint and help to promote the sustainability of the community at large.

Lindberg/MPH Puts the Environment First

At Lindberg/MPH, we have a strong commitment to environmental conservation. All of our products are designed with efficiency in mind, utilizing energy-efficient features wherever possible. Take, for instance, our energy-efficient insulation that minimizes heat loss. Insulation is critical to energy conservation and, according to EnergyStar, the right insulation can reduce energy consumption by up to 15 percent, simply by trapping more energy within a building. The same theory can be applied to equipment. The insulation used in our industrial furnaces retains the heat within the furnace so less energy is used to keep it at temperature. The insulation also minimizes heat loss which helps to keep the temperature in the customer’s facility cooler and saves on cooling costs and energy usage.

In honor of Earth Day, on April 22nd, we felt it was particularly important to highlight the importance of conserving our natural resources through the use of efficient product design, and minimizing resource consumption. This Earth Day, join us in making a commitment to reduce your own environmental impact, while striving to support companies that are dedicated to resource conservation.