How are Women in Manufacturing Reshaping the Industry?

Did you know that over 75 percent of women who were surveyed agreed that a career in manufacturing is rewarding and interesting, indicating opportunities for stimulating assignments as one of the top reasons to stay in the manufacturing industry? As a leader in the field of heat processing and custom engineered systems and equipment, Lindberg/MPH’s workforce includes eight women who are engaged within various aspects of the business. Their roles within Lindberg/MPH range from office operations to managing materials and are key in making sure that the operations run smoothly.

Human Resources Manager

Our current HR manager - who has been with the company for five years, and oversees all such functions for both Michigan and Wisconsin - wanted to be an artist until she reached her early twenties. After obtaining a job as an office assistant with a small company, she was tasked with many HR functions. She found she liked helping people and is especially excited to work within the manufacturing industry. Not only is it a rewarding job and never boring, as it allows her to work on something new each day, she also notes that "the manufacturing part is interesting because we are creating a product that is used by so many industries and we're the actual end user!"

Office and Sales Administrator

Another member of the Lindberg/MPH administrative team shows her great flexibility as part of her duties with the company. She enters and maintains sales orders, greets visitors as a receptionist, provides legal research, assists HR on special projects and interacts with all other departments as necessary. Her varied experiences are encompassed by her work history as well. She held jobs within the food and banking industries, as well as the military, before joining Lindbergh/MPH where she's been for ten years. Having been born in Michigan and then moving to live in California, Canada, and Hawaii, she eventually relocated back to Michigan. As she states, "you just never know where life will take you!"

Materials Manager

As a 23-year veteran of Lindberg/MPH, the woman who holds the job of the Materials Manager has seen the company "make monumental changes in how we manufacture and continue to find innovative methods of improvement." She is also responsible for inventory control and ensuring that the right parts arrive at Lindbergh/MPH when they are supposed to do so.  It is that ability to embrace evolution, innovation, and forward thinking that drives this procurer toward everything Lindbergh/MPH needs.  

The women above may not have all started their careers with the goal of working in manufacturing but their paths in life all brought them to Lindberg/MPH. The work can be challenging but to be a part of the manufacturing innovation of Lindberg/MPH is very rewarding.