Heating Up the Foundry Industry

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The foundry industry is essential to the manufacturing and production of many products. A foundry casts parts out of steel, aluminum, and other metals using different casting methods depending on the customer specifications, and the metal being cast. There are a number of businesses and manufacturing processes that utilize metal casts created in a foundry. The automotive industry utilizes the metal casts for part production. The construction industry uses metal casts for the production of many household components such as door handles, plumbing fixtures, and appliances. The medical industry utilizes the metal casts for the production of implants used in knee replacements and reconstructive surgery.

The production of these metal castings require the use of heat at one or more stages in the process. The melting and holding furnaces heat various metals to their melting point and afterwards the melted metal is either deposited into the necessary mold to complete the casting or held at a steady temperature until it is ready to be used. Once the metal has been molded and cooled, the mold is then removed to produce the final product. Heat treating furnaces are utilized during the final stages of processing on the metal cast such as annealing and tempering.

Lindberg/MPH designs and manufactures both heat treat furnaces and non-ferrous melting and holding furnaces for the foundry industry. Our experienced team works closely with our customers to design equipment that meets their specific process needs. For more information on our industrial furnaces visit our website, www.lindbergmph.com