Lindberg Furnaces

Lindberg/MPH is pleased to celebrate over 100 years of history in the heat treating/non-ferrous melting industry. The company was founded in 1912 as the “Replaceable Heating Elements” company in New York. The company was named after the owners patented, replaceable heating elements for research heating applications.

Throughout many mergers and changes, including the MPH merger in 2005 and current affiliation with Thermal Product Solutions, we’ve held fast to our original mission of producing durable furnaces that will last a lifetime.  Over the past century the company has installed more than 75,000 industrial furnaces worldwide for a large variety of applications. We’ve had the time and experience to build up a wealth of knowledge about the systems that work best and produce the precise results for your process. Expert engineers, researchers, and manufacturers have passed down and refined their techniques for generations! For any industries that require aging, annealing, drying, sintering, tempering, and many more processes, Lindberg is the process-proven, qualified company to count on.

Designing our industrial furnace systems to use the most energy efficient components, Lindberg has been environmentally-friendly from the very beginning.  Most of our machines are built to use low NO2 combustion systems and afterburners or converters to reduce harmful emissions. We are always one step ahead of the most current issues and problems in the market. From advancements in efficiency and environmental engineering to creating larger, high temperature machines, our progress is unmatched.

Lindberg works closely with companies at any stage in their production, from initial design to construction services, and supplying general factory parts for heat treating furnaces. For quality, value, reliability and technical support, the choice is simple. Let us know what we can do for you by contacting us today.