Lindberg/MPH Ships Steam Atmosphere Pit Furnace to a Tooling Manufacturer

Lindberg/MPH, a leading manufacturer of heat treat furnaces and nonferrous melting and holding equipment, announced the shipment of an electrically heated, steam atmosphere pit furnace for steam treating parts. Manufacturers use the steam treating process to create a uniform blue-black finish on the surface of parts which improves wear and corrosion resistance.

This steam treating furnace has a maximum temperature rating of 1,250°F and work chamber dimensions of 22″ diameter x 36″ depth. The furnace has a maximum gross workload of 1,200 lbs and is designed for a pit type installation if required. The custom lid assembly utilizes a pneumatically operated boom lift with electric swing. The lift is connected to the control system so when opened both the heat and atmosphere are shut off.

The pit furnace is insulated with vacuum formed ceramic fiber modules that allow for rapid heat up rates and fast control response. A circulation fan distributes heat evenly throughout the chamber which ensures rapid and uniform heat transfer throughout the product load. The furnace temperature is controlled by a Eurotherm programmable controller with advanced PID control. A Eurotherm excess temperature controller provides overtemperature protection and disconnects the power to the heating elements in the event that temperature exceeds the desired set-point.

“This steam atmosphere pit furnace has the sufficient capacity to process a workload of 1,200 lbs. This furnace was also designed with a custom powered lid for ease of loading.”

-Kelley Shreve, Application Engineering Manager

Unique features of this Lindberg/MPH electric pit furnace include:

  • Pneumatically operated lid with powered swing feature for ease of loading
  • Vacuum formed ceramic fiber modules with low heat storage for rapid heat up rates
  • Atmosphere tight retort to maintain the steam atmosphere
  • Heater coils designed with low surface watt density for extended service life
  • Programmable temperature controller with adjustable alarm set-point
  • High limit controller to prevent temperature from exceeding set-point