Lindberg/MPH Ships One Electrically Heated Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnace to the Manufacturing Industry


conveyor furnace

Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of one electrically heated mesh belt conveyor furnace to the manufacturing industry. This furnace is configured for process applications requiring a hydrogen process atmosphere in the heating section muffle.

The belt width is 9 inches and heat length is 6 feet. There are 4 temperature control zones and 6 feet of water-cooled sections. The atmosphere includes hydrogen and nitrogen for different processes. There is a load and unload table of 32 inches with 24 inches of exposed belt. Overall, the furnace is 304 inches long by 40-3/4 inches wide by 79 inches high.

The temperature ratings of the furnace vary on zone. Zone #1’s operating temperature is 750°C (1382°F) maximum, while zone #2 through #4’s operating temperature is 1000°C (1832°F) maximum.

“This furnace has four zones that are individually temperature controlled. Zone 1 is 12 inches, Zone 2 is 24 inches, Zone 3 is 24 inches, and Zone 4 is 12 inches. Multi-zone configurations of the heated sections facilitate easy time/temperature profile adjustments, as well as allowing the heating section to be tailored to almost any time/temperature profile requirement.”

– Bill St. Thomas, Business Development Manager

Unique features of this conveyor furnace include:

  • Copper tube atmosphere piping
  • Swagelok tube fittings
  • Nitrogen purge chambers
  • Furnace muffle
  • Eurotherm Model 3216
  • Eurotherm Model 3216i
  • Solid state, closed loop, belt drive control
  • Zero-Fired solid state relay heating circuit power controllers
  • Platinel II thermocouples