Lindberg/MPH Ships Gas Fired Nitriding Pit Furnace to Manufacturing Industry

Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of a gas fired nitriding pit furnace with built-in retort to the welding industry. This pit furnace is designed for single and two stage nitriding processes and post-oxidation applications. The design accepts either one-piece work baskets or retort baffle or nest trays. The gross load capacity is 5,000 lbs. at 1200°F and the furnace chamber has a diameter of 38” and is 90” tall. The furnace is designed to produce laminar air flow to obtain the required +/- 15°F temperature uniformity.

The nitriding gas flow control system is a fully integrated nitrogen/ammonia mixing system designed specifically for two stage nitriding operation. This system includes fully automatic recipe control with a unique profile-based recipe screens that make it simple to understand and program. The touchscreen display interface includes a paperless chart recorder that data logs the critical furnace parameters for quality control.

“This pit furnace is similar to a past order but altered to the customer’s exact specifications. The control system is a complete automated nitriding system that regulates temperature, time and atmosphere for the entire cycle.”

– Jason Dobberstein, Senior Applications Engineer


Unique features of this Gas Fired Nitriding Pit Furnace include:

  • “Armor plate” alloy lined steel shell
  • Fabricated Inconel 600 alloy retort
  • Pneumatically operated cover lift with a 3-way hand control valve
  • Forced cooling system
  • Lindberg Model combination gas fired Ammonia Dissociator
  • Electrically latched, manual reset valve
  • Direct logic PLC controller
  • Combustion air blower
  • Exclusive 3-Year Warranty