Lindberg/MPH Ships Full Muffle Mesh Belt Conveyor Furnace to Manufacturing Industry

Lindberg/MPH Conveyor Furnace

Lindberg/MPH, a leading manufacturer of heat treat furnaces, announced the shipment of a continuous full muffle mesh belt conveyor furnace to an industrial manufacturer.

This conveyor furnace is designed for applications with a nitrogen atmosphere and a maximum temperature of 1,100°C. Additionally, the furnace has a hydrogen flow meter and combustible gas system so the customer can run a hydrogen atmosphere when needed. The combustible gas system provides a timed nitrogen gas purge of the muffle before process gas can be introduced into the furnace muffle.

The conveyor furnace has overall dimensions of 128” L x 22” W 41.5” H. There are tables at both ends of the furnace for loading and unloading of the product. The unit is designed with four (4) temperature zones and a water-cooling section that parts travel through prior to exiting the chamber.

“This mesh belt conveyor furnace is designed for use with either a nitrogen or hydrogen atmosphere which gives the customer flexibility in their processing options for products.”

– Bill St. Thomas, Business Development Manager

Unique features of this Conveyor Furnace include:

  • Four (4) temperature zones
  • Designed for either Nitrogen or Hydrogen atmospheres
  • Water cooling section
  • Mesh belt conveyor system
  • Load and unload tables for ease of product transfer