Lindberg/MPH Ships Box Furnace with Automated Load Table to the Aerospace Industry

Lindberg/MPH, a leading manufacturer of heat-treat furnaces, is pleased to announce the shipment of a rod overbend box furnace with an automated load transfer table to the aerospace industry. This furnace will heat-treat parts under an inert atmosphere.

This heat-treating furnace has a maximum temperature rating of 2,000°F and a load capacity of 6,000 lbs. It features an impressive workspace of 36” W x 96” D x 36” H and is designed for a nitrogen atmosphere. A nitrogen gas flow meter controls the atmospheric conditions.

The box furnace includes an automated load transfer table. Under the table, five (5) fans with a variable-frequency drive provide accelerated cooling. The load table utilizes a pusher/puller mechanism to move parts trays in and out of the furnace.

The furnace’s radiant heating system uses heavy-gauge alloy rod over-bend heating elements mounted along the side walls and the floor. Two (2) Watlow F4T controllers control and record the furnace temperature, which allows for seven (7) zones of heating. The box furnace also meets Class 3 temperature uniformity of ±15°F at 1,000°F – 1,800°F.

“This furnace is designed to heat treat up to 6,000 lbs under a nitrogen atmosphere. The automated load table is customized to accelerate cooling when the part trays are unloaded.”

– Ken Constant, Heat Treating Product Manager

Unique features of this rod overbend box furnace include:

  • Two (2) Watlow F4T controllers for temperature control and recording
  • Seven (7) heating zones
  • Class 3 uniformity of ±15°F at 1,000°F – 1,800°F
  • High-limit controller to prevent temperature from exceeding set-point
  • Automated load table with accelerated cooling
  • Designed for applications requiring a nitrogen atmosphere
  • Radiant heating system utilizing rod over-bend heating elements
  • Maximum gross workload of 6,000 lbs