Lindberg/MPH Ships Aluminum Melting and Holding Equipment to Die Casting Industry

melting furnaceLindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an aluminum central melting furnace to the die casting industry. This equipment holds 62,000 lbs. of aluminum and has a melt rate of 6,000 lbs. per hour.

The furnace is loaded with aluminum ingot, and sows across a preheat hearth and returns are fed via conveyor system into an exterior side well that is interconnected to a circulation well equipped with a pump. The aluminum on the hearth receives tremendous preheat before being pushed into the bath which increases efficiency and improves safety.

The melting furnace is capable of delivering molten aluminum to a transfer ladle through the use of a pneumatic well in which there are no moving parts. Air pressure is applied to the pumper by means of a blower and molten aluminum is forced up a special discharge tube and into a transfer ladle.

The metal temperature is controlled through digital temperature controllers and features automatic preheat and dry out. The flue gases are controlled with a mechanical flue damper reducing flue losses during low-fire operation. A three-point laser metal level sensor is provided to notify operators of the current furnace metal level through an attached light tree. A totalizing gas meter was also included to accurately measure gas usage. Access grating and ladder are provided for safe access to the roof mounted equipment during maintenance.

“Operator safety was a top priority for our customer. This equipment features options for added safety during the loading and dispensing processes.” Andrew Paul, Sales Engineer

Unique features of this Lindberg/MPH furnace include:

  • Rugged fully welded steel plate furnace construction
  • High alumina castable lining for long refractory life backed with insulating board for efficiency
  • Two charge doors located at either end of equipment for easy access during charging and cleaning
  • Flue damper for energy saving during low-fire operation
  • Work and drain taps
  • Stand-alone control panel
  • Temperature controllers with automatic preheat and dry out functions
  • Three-point laser metal level sensor with light tree level indication
  • Totalizing gas mater to accurately measure gas usage
  • Start-up and installation services