Lindberg/MPH Electrically Heated Atmosphere Box Furnace with Powered Load/Unload Table & Oil Quench Tank

Lindberg/MPH has a brand new electrically heated atmosphere box furnace with a semi-automatic powered load/unload transfer table and oil quench tank in stock. This box furnace can be used for applications that require process temperatures up to 1,850°F under a N2/H2 blended atmosphere (96/4 blend). This equipment has never shipped from our manufacturing facility, includes our full 1-Year Warranty, and is available for immediate inspection or shipment.

Specifications of this Lindberg/MPH furnace:

  • Designed to accept a 24” W x 36” D x 18” H basket
  • Total furnace heat input: 45 KW with SCR power control
  • Max temperature: 1,850°F
  • Capacity (gross load): 900 lbs. @ 1,850°F
  • Furnace shell is 3/16” thick welded steel with high temperature insulating firebrick lining
  • 2 HP recirculating fan
  • Air operated furnace door and quench elevator with 3-way hand control valve
  • Control Panel w/ PLC, HMI, & digital recorder included
  • Utilities required:

– 480/3/60; Approximately 100 FLA

– Compressed air @ 90 PSIG

– Cooling water @ 30 PSIG (70°F)

– N2/H2 @ 30 OSIG (blending panel incl.)

Price: $315,000

Model Number: 11-RO-243618-18AF

Job Number: 229519