Lindberg/MPH Completes Roller Hearth Furnace System for Manufacturer of Products for the Energy Industry

Roller Hearth Furnace

Lindberg/MPH announced the installation of a roller hearth furnace system for a manufacturer of products used in the energy industry. The heat treat system is comprised of two (2) box furnaces with quench tanks, a dual directional load transfer car, four (4) companion draw batch ovens, and two (2) stationary load/unload tables.

The maximum operating temperature of the box furnaces is 1850°F and they are designed for nitrogen-based atmosphere applications. The load space dimensions of the box furnaces are 48” W x 96” D x 36” H, and the internal chambers are larger to provide clearance for baskets or fixtures. A snake chain pusher assembly is used by each furnace to transfer the loads from the chamber to the quench elevator deck.

The glycol quench tanks are designed for quick and uniform quenching. They feature an immersion oil heater and an externally mounted air-to-quench media heat exchanger. The tanks’ agitation systems include four agitators with draft tubes. A pneumatically operated quench elevator is utilized to transfer the loads into the tanks. The system’s dual-directional pacecar pushes and pulls loads into the auxiliary equipment with a snake chain pusher/puller assembly. The gross load capacity of the car is 10,000 lbs, and it travels linearly in front of the equipment on two embedded floor rails.

Unique features of this roller hearth furnace system include:

  • Gross load capacity of 10,000 lbs
  • Roller hearth for load transfer
  • Snake chain pusher assemblies in box furnaces and pacecar
  • Adjustable flow meter calibrated for nitrogen process atmosphere
  • Nanodac controller for furnace temperature control and recording
  • Eurotherm excess temperature controller to protect from heating over temperature
  • Quench elevator with guides to prevent load upsets

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