Aluminum Melting and Holding Furnace for Leading Outdoor Equipment Manufacturer


Melting furnace

Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of a gas fired, aluminum melting and holding furnace for a leader in the lawn and garden industry.

The furnace has a holding capacity of 13,700 lbs and a melting rate of 1,500 lbs/hr. The industrial furnace shell is ruggedly reinforced with steel members to form boxed sections sufficient for a die casting facility environment. The aluminum holding and melting furnace includes a hot face castable around the belly band that is microporous and inert to aluminum oxide formation. A preheat hearth with a full width door is included for loading ingot and the opposite side of the furnace includes a clamshell door for loading scrap. Both doors are powered by air cylinders through a manual hand valve for ease of use. The furnace includes a dip well on each side to provide molten aluminum to two die casting machines. The furnace temperature controller has the ability to automatically preheat and dry out the furnace lining. The controller will indicate when dry out is complete and hold until the operator is ready to switch to normal operation.

“At Lindberg/MPH we work with our customers to provide solutions that create a more efficient manufacturing process and maximize customer profitability. Energy efficiency and ease of maintenance underlie all our efforts.” Andrew Paul, Sales Representative

Unique features of this furnace include:

  • Rugged steel plate furnace construction
  • Belly band lining inert to aluminum oxide formation
  • Roof mounted nozzle-mix radiant burner
  • Two full width doors
  • Two dip wells
  • Pneumatic flue damper mechanism
  • Drain tap
  • Two dip well covers
  • UL listed control panel
  • Ladder and access grating to service roof mounted components