The Use of Lab Furnaces for Testing Products and Processes

research facility

Many of the products or components within the products we use during our day have been tested under heat prior to reaching the marketplace. New products and materials go through an extensive development process that is performed in research facilities, universities, and high-tech manufacturer’s labs. These facilities use lab furnaces to test materials, analyze the effects of heat on various products, and process small batches of products. Researchers and manufacturers test and process a number of materials in these lab furnaces, including ceramics, glass, electronics, plastics, and metals.

Almost all industries, including the automotive, aerospace, ceramics, electronics, medical and technology industries, utilize research facilities to test products before bringing them to market. This type of testing allows manufacturers to predict results and reduce failures. Lab furnaces are versatile and allow for a number of laboratory test applications, such as annealing, hardening, sintering, tempering and atmosphere processing.

Built with refractory materials that are capable of maintaining high temperatures without breaking down, laboratory furnaces provide a continuous heating environment to facilitate the processing and testing of samples and materials. Laboratory furnaces must frequently run for months at a time to complete a testing set.

Types of Laboratory Furnaces

Laboratory furnaces can differ greatly as far as general specifications, configurations, size, atmosphere and controls. Common types of lab furnaces are box furnaces, tube furnaces, and crucible furnaces. These lab furnaces can house a variety of atmospheres, including air or oxidizing, vacuum, and inert. These units typically offer one or two heating modes that allow operators to adjust temperature and temperature stability with a single set point or programmable controller.

Laboratory furnaces frequently offer other features, such as computer interfaces, integrated software, and over-temperature protection that make them suitable for a nearly infinite number of testing applications.

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